The Internet and Superficial Learning

The Internet, with its online and SEO powers, paired with the growth in technology, has greatly affected all aspects of life and living; and even the world of teaching and education has not escaped this evolution. In the past, teachers have to use chalks and chalkboards in order to teach the class. At that time, everyone thought that the invention of the chalk is a very innovative piece of device. Then it got outdated by whiteboards and whiteboard markers, which is now also an obsolete means to teach since the creation of LCD projectors. While it is true that there are still some schools and teachers that prefer to teach the old fashioned way, we could only do so much as take note that the evolution of these tools for teaching, happened because of the evolution of the things that are being taught.

Before, basic meant basic and secondary, secondary. But today, basic principles have become more complicated to the point that they do not feel basic at all. The invention of a lot of things and the discovery of many more is enough to turn what once was a 300 pages Science book into a thousand pages.

Evolution of education did not only mean the evolution of the things used in teaching, but also included the content of the lessons that are being taught. While tasks are accomplished faster, nothing is simple anymore, in terms of concept and underlying principles. It is only simple to operate, but to understand the ways of why it works the way it does, is very difficult to understand. What matters most to the users is that they are able to control it, never mind the mechanics behind the gadget. Thus, education has somehow become superficial.

But of course, with these advancement, it is necessary to understand that while the Internet is a great and powerful tool in the pursuit for knowledge and excellence, knowing the limits to the extent of its used should also be made aware to people, especially the education sector.

Online Education and Learning with Internet

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