Teaching the Generation Through Gadgets and the Internet

I have been a teacher in for 3 years now. During my entire teaching life, I have always been known as the geeky teacher. I sometimes wish that they would call me the “Techie Teacher” instead of geeky, since the main reason I have been named a geek is the fact that I am a technology or gadget genius. I am proud that my students actually look forward to my classes because I am able to incorporate the use of gadgets and other forms of technology in the methodology of my teaching. I give out activities that end up being like games and puzzles for my student where they accomplish tasks and examines with the help of a gadget that I chose to use for the day. The other teachers in the school are also trying to adapt my technique and we all hope that someday, teaching will be a breeze and at the same time enjoyable, for both teachers and students.

I make great use of the Internet as well. of course, I do not allow my students to access the World Wide Web just to check their social media accounts. I allow them access for research, for streaming educational videos related to our lessons, and to teach them the proper ways of identifying credible sources and which websites are only giving false information.

Internet and Technology

Image Credit: landsds.com

Indeed, technology, especially the computers and the Internet, has given the human race a lot of things to look forward to and has given everyone access to almost everything. However, it has its downsides, and one of which is the fact that circulating the internet are also false websites that are only aimed at increasing SEO rankings, traffic, hits, views, an whatnot.

That is why, I always incorporate responsible use of the internet to my students so that they will not fall victim to fake information.