Data Hub and Online Classes

I hve always had a business voip connection because I have taken up Tutorial lessons from the time I could learn how to operate a computer and have access to the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I go to a regular school. I would not want the world to miss out on seeing me, after I have worked so hard to gain and maintain my body right now. Actually, I even have to thank online tutoring for bringing to me the miracles of exercise and healthy diet.

I take up online classes not just because my passion has always revolved around the wonders of the Internet and online data gathering and sharing, but also for different things I want to learn that a regular school does not offer, or sometimes, if I want advanced lessons on something. For instance, I hired an online tutor to teach me Spanish lessons.

My online Spanish tutor was the one who introduced me to the benefits of good diet and exercise. I mean, I already know that these things are important, but I never really got the proper motivation to indulge in it.

I was able to share to my teacher about how my body easily gets big after just eating a few miscalculated carbohydrates. I was beginning to worry then because it is not so easy to lose weight than it is to gain weight and I was really beginning to lose shape and feeling very heavy.

She was able to talk me into living a healthier lifestyle, even when we were miles apart from each other. She was able to be an actual, living testament to the perils of unhealthy eating, as well as to the benefits of healthy living. She also revealed that she was only convinced into the healthy lifestyle after another student of hers relayed the story of hardships of being so obese. In the end, in the most unexpected of ways, we were able to help each other.

This passing of information from one another, from my online teacher’s other student, to her, and then to me, proves that in fact, there can be a social interaction, even when we are miles apart. This disproves the common misconception of people that those who are home schooled via the internet are less sociable people because they are not exposed to real people that a campus or regular school offers. But if you come to think about it, only proximity is changed, the one you interact with on the other side of the monitor is still a real person. In fact, the relationship established is more genuine because it is more intimate in a communicative sense. this is so because communication via chat or video call, is the only mode you both have, so you do not have any other choice but to use that to the full extent, so that you can achieve the goal or education you desire, may it be a Spanish lesson or guitar lessons or even regular schools subjects.

The experience also made me realize that data gathering and information dissemination does not only happen when you research on the Internet. It can also very much happen when you interact with people virtually, because their experiences also becomes a tool for you to gain information from.