How the Internet Has Helped Improve Quality of Sleep

Over the years, the internet has been a growing aspect of our lives. Some people feel that they simply cannot live without it anymore. Other people distrust it, and refuse to even use it at all. However, it is apparent that the internet is helping to spread information that would have been difficult for some people to obtain by themselves. For instance, the internet has helped people with sleep problems get a better quality of sleep at night. How has this happened? Read on to find out!

Product Reviews

The internet allows us to rate our favourite and most hated products online. This is a huge benefit to other people, because they get to read about how that particular product worked, or didn’t work. They can base their purchase of these reviews, and be more informed. Reviews for mattress protectors, for example, helped people who could not sleep at night due to allergies. According to this Linenspa protector review, mattress protectors have the ability to trap allergens before they get to us. Dust mites and pet dander that hide in our mattresses get covered by the mattress protector, therefore alleviating the sleep inhibitor. Product reviews are also helpful because they highlight the cons that are related to certain items. For instance, if a mattress protector claims to be soft to the touch, people will be disappointed to find that it is quite firm instead. They can write a review warning others who are also expected that the protector is soft and comfortable that it is not.

Online Insomnia Therapy

A study was conducted at the University of Virginia School of Medicine to see whether online insomnia therapy would be effective. A group of individuals who suffered from insomnia were selected for the six week program. During those six weeks, they underwent an automated and interactive program based off of the web. The online intervention was very successful, and many of the participants noted significantly better sleep patterns afterwards. This program is expected to expand in the future, as it has many good aspects going for it. For example, it is very cost-effective, which helps people who cannot afford to go to sleep clinics or see specialists. As well, the treatment can effectively be tailored to each particular person who has insomnia. It can reach more people, and therefore can help anyone around the world.


There will always be people who claim that the internet is rotten from the core, and is destroying people’s privacy. However, it cannot be denied that there are some benefits to using the internet. Improving the quality of sleep for people is one of those benefits. Product reviews and online insomnia therapy are two of the many ways that sleep is improved by using the internet. They might be useful in assisting patients with insomnia who had never heard of them before. The internet certainly is a great way to spread word around to others.

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