Protecting Your Gateway to the World Wide Web

It isn’t a stretch to say the Internet is likely the greatest invention by humans since the creation of central air conditioning. Thinking about life before the Internet is legitimately difficult since it is so deeply tied into nearly everything we do these days.

From recreation to education, the Internet is a major part of our lives, and making sure you retain access to it is pretty important. Whether through your telephone, television or computer, your connection to the Internet needs to be protected. One of the greatest threats, and one which you may not have considered, is moisture.

Obviously, moisture and electronics don’t mix. It’s why you don’t use a wet washcloth to wipe down your television. (If you are, you should stop doing that. There are special wipes for just that purpose.) What is less obvious, however, is the effect moisture in the air can have on your equipment.

At above 60 percent relative humidity, moisture in the air can begin to corrode the components within your electronic devices. This is, as you can imagine, not a good thing. The faster your devices break down, the sooner you’ll need to replace them. This is an investment you don’t likely want to make.

An investment you should make, however, is in a dehumidifier. These devices, seemingly like magic, can help remove moisture from the air in an effort to keep everything you hold dear from the damaging effects of humidity. Okay, I admit, that’s a little dramatic, but they really can be a huge help.

If you’ve got a basement office, or perhaps are using a room which once suffered from a flood, even a small dehumidifier can get the job done for you. I highly consider taking a look and trying to find a good dehumidifier for small spaces.

Consider Your Options


Before making your decision on a dehumidifier, consider a couple options. How big is your room? What is your current level of humidity? How cold does it get there? These are all important, and some of the answers can be found using a tool called a hygrometer. This will tell you both the temperature of your space as well as the relative humidity.

Pick What Works Best for You

Now, once you have those numbers, take a look at a few of the dehumidifiers reviewed in the link up there. There’s a fair chance you’ll find something which will work for your situation. Dehumidifiers have the potential to make a lot of noise, so that is taken into consideration, as well as the capacity of the devices.

Know Your Capacity

Capacity is especially important as you want to make sure whichever dehumidifier you purchase is able to handle the amount of moisture in the room in which you use it. Some are portable, some have automatic shutoff capabilities and some look quite nice, but each offers a little something different.

When making an investment like this, it’s important to make sure you’re going into your purchase knowing everything you can, but you can rest assured a dehumidifier is going to keep your home and electronics safe from humidity and lasting as long as possible.

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