How to Keep Your Motorcycle-Loving Family Safe

Motorcycles can be a mother’s worst nightmare. Whether it is her spouse or her children who have inherited the love of motorcycles, it will always be a worry to her. Motorcycles go fast, there is no seatbelt, and someone could easily be knocked off. While going over all the worries, a mother may forget that motorcycles are actually quite safe, as long as the necessary precautions are correctly followed. To alleviate your mind, here are some safety tips that can ensure your family will be safe when they go out on their motorcycle.

Wear a Helmet

This one may seem self-explanatory, but you would be shocked by the amount of people who do not wear helmets while on a motorcycle. Some people simply think it looks cooler to be bare-headed. Others might become annoyed that the helmet is a nuisance. Helmets do not have to be a nuisance to the rider. If you look at a few motorcycle helmet reviews, such as the one at, you will be able to find some interesting products. Some helmets have Bluetooth built right into them, so the rider can listen to music and talk on the phone. This may convince your family member to remember their helmet. Other helmets have different designs. For instance, you could choose to have a full face or an open helmet. Ultimately the choice boils down to whatever works best on an individual basis.

Wear Proper Clothing

Although your loved ones might be thinking about looking cool before being safe, this is not the recommendation. While riding on a motorcycle, you should not be wearing anything that shows a large amount of exposed skin. This means that t-shirts, shorts, and open toed shoes are not to be worn under any circumstances. If you happen to fall off when you are wearing something like this, you will get hurt a lot worse than if you were wearing something with more protection. Leather clothes is a good option for motorcycles because it is very tough. It can withstand more damage if you fell off the motorcycle while riding. If you decide to go with the open face helmet, goggles should be considered as well. They will protect your eyes from any stones or debris that may be flying through the air.

Do Not Show Off

Many people will sometimes get caught up in the excitement of being on a motorcycle. They will become more reckless and do things that they are not comfortable doing yet. If you are trying to do tricks right after you get on a bike, this will not end well. It is important for motorcycle riders to stay firmly in their comfort zone until they are very sure that they can move on from the basics. As well, do not try to ride a bike that is too powerful for you. If the bike is heavier than you can withstand, you will not be able to ride it safely. Switch it out for a smaller model.


All mothers want their family members to be safe. If moms had their way, motorcycles probably wouldn’t even exist. They do exist however, and therefore precautions should be set in place so as to prevent the risk of injury. Remind your family members to wear a helmet, proper clothing, and not to show off every time they decide to go for a motorcycle ride. They may get tired of hearing it, but the message is sure to sink in. They will be better prepared if they know more safety tips. Motorcycles, guns, strangers, it’s all the same when it boils down to safety.



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